Our vision is to inspire the new generation to become a good human being for self, society and for the whole humanity.

Tabrez Alamgir Shaikh, is the founder and visionary of Moral Vision™. Born and brought up in the suburbs of Mumbai in a humble family he was like any other child but having artistic hobbies like drawing, painting, cycling, flying kites and even practicing martial arts. During his youth he saw many ups and downs which gave him a vast experience of life and that converted to an immense passion for humanitarian work. He got involved in socio-religious organizations and NGOs and this further crafted his direction of life. He wanted to do something for the society and humanity, and the need of the hour was to give an ethical alternate to the children and youth who were influenced with the onslaught of an amoral media. But the journey from vision to action was not at all easy. With limited means and not so favorable financial condition, he decided to put his best personal asset i.e. his God gifted artistic and creative talents. In 2002 he started experimenting on the concept of Moral Vision™. At that time internet was not available for a common man, there was no one to guide him but he gathered the courage to buy a computer and a handy camera with some borrowed money. Not knowing how to operate these he started self learning the computer operations and painstakingly taking shooting and video editing tips from local wedding videographers. He started taking tuitions for a living and with the help of few of his students he started making some videos, converted these to compact disks and did private circulations and subscriptions. People appreciated his work but it was not helping him as far as further development and livelihood was concerned. He therefore started doing creative works for some newspapers, TV channels, etc. but these did not give the necessary results, besides a lot of the media works did not adhere to ethics and morality so he had to resign every now and then. Meanwhile in 2005 he with very limited resources managed to produce a short film named ‘Miskeen – the needy’ which got him lots of appreciation. Thereafter following lots of struggling he got a chance to work in a decent organization that allowed him to interact and work with people at national level as well as from a few other countries. His zeal to learn and excel in his work got him noticed and he was promoted to creative head and chief editor. At this point of time he started getting many offers and assignments. Everyone wanted him to work for their project, but his heart was somewhere else and his body too did not support his distraction from his core vision. He was hospitalized for a major operation, so he left his job and all the projects he was involved in, and decided to do what his heart and vision wanted him to do i.e. Moral Vision™. He started doing a small freelance job that anyhow took care of his bread and butter but gave him enough freedom of time to work on his own project. Thus with his new enthusiasm and support from family and few friends he started striving for Moral Vision™. With a few years of struggle and the advent of the age of popularity of internet he got global viewers and some fame for his works. Online platforms, social media, online promotions and ad revenues gradually made Moral Vision™ works self sustainable. Today he does a very few selected projects for self sustenance and devotes all his time, energy and resources for fulfilling his aim of educating and providing an alternative ethical entertainment to the children and youth through his dream project, the Moral Vision™.

License Materials Created By Moral Vision

Personal, non-commercial use only.Moral Vision allows only personal viewing, non-commercial use of the content. You may not reproduce, distribute, modify, display, perform, publish, license, create derivative of the materials produced by Moral Vision .

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