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Donation and Support:

We strictly don’t take any kind of donation, support or sponsorship for this work, nor do we take help through any other means. This is an independent business which is run on 'self sustaining' basis. We appreciate your emotions and spirit towards helping and we pray Allah to give you good reward for your intention. Please share the videos to others to earn your part in reward, this inshaAllah will be your support to us.

Downloading our videos:

Considering many a necessary things and situations we have restricted the downloading option. But some parents in order to avoid the pain of streaming videos again and again want to download video to show to their children. So on special request we allow conditional download of our videos freely or at a nominal charge. But you will have to take care that you will not distribute and/or upload our videos anywhere. These videos are only for your, your family personal viewing. For more information please read our terms and conditions here.


We don't enter into any business deal with anyone because we don’t want to limit our videos and hence we might make every videos openly available to general public. So if you have any business proposal for us then we are sorry to tell you that we don’t enter into any business deals for our work.

Also read our terms and conditons here...

License Materials Created By Moral Vision

Personal, non-commercial use only.Moral Vision allows only personal viewing, non-commercial use of the content. You may not reproduce, distribute, modify, display, perform, publish, license, create derivative of the materials produced by Moral Vision .

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