About Us

Our vision is to inspire the new generation to become a good human being for self, society and for the whole humanity.

This is an official website of Moral Vision, www.moralvision.tv – all rights reserved. It is a proprietary project of Mr. Tabrez Alamgir Shaikh who has been personally creating, editing, directing, producing, financing and maintaining it since its inception in the year 2005. Moral Vision is a video production house that creates short animations, films, documentaries, videos on various socio-religious aspects, etc. All these aim at providing small daily duas for kids, basic moral teachings and inculcate ethical characteristic in people through clean permissible entertainment. Moral Vision creates primary video contents for online viewing on YouTube, Mobile phone Apps, etc. and was also available offline on DVDs which is stopped since 2014 as all the contents are online published publicly. It also has other online channels like Moral Vision Kids ‘Moral Vision Films’ and ‘Moral Vision Relation me Tadka’. The success of this noble and heavy task is solely dependent on Almighty God’s grace. Financially speaking Moral Vision tries to generate revenue through YouTube, Mobile phone Apps, etc. to fund the entire complex work. Please Subscribe on youtube to support & see more videos.

Moral Vision Kids

In this kid’s channel, Moral Vision creates animations especially meant for the children and these are appealing for all age groups as well. This is targeted mainly at the global Hindi & Urdu speaking Muslim audience. Besides, for the benefit and reach to general audience throughout the world, the animations are dubbed even in English. These animations are mostly Islamic in nature with contents like duas, hadiths and videos on general moralities based on Islamic teachings.

Moral Vision Films

The primary focus of this channel is the teenage group, but the videos are appealing to all age groups particularly the youth. Short films, fictional dramas, discourses, etc. based on social and ethical themes are created here to provide constructive entertainment to the teens and youths. Through these entertaining videos, efforts are made to educate the people about their responsibilities towards society, to be able to distinguish between good and bad, etc. More and more short films and animation projects are in the pipe line with various concepts based on universal ethics and moralities.

Moral Vision Relation Me Tadka

gh its special channel Relation me Tadka (meaning spice in relation) tried to remove family disputes and educate the couple. Due to some technical reasons we could not launch further videos after uploading just three videos. We hope to continue with the channel very soon.

Moral Vision Making Ends Meet

Since we don’t want to affect our creativity we do not accept the ‘binding and conditional’ donations. Obviously it's not easy to make ends meet with a big project like Moral Vision, but somehow we manage the show. We try to make our projects self sustainable; for example, we are able to generate revenue from Hindi & Urdu animations and this money in turn is used to create short films, documentaries, etc. which normally do not generate any income due to many technical reasons. Thanks to the family members and all those people who volunteer as actors, temporary assistants, etc. during the shootings and make it possible to go ahead with meager budget.

Moral Vision Official Website & Presence in Social Media

The Moral Vision official website is http://www.moralvision.tv and the average monthly hits for the site is 40,000+. The Moral Vision has its presence in the social media too. On the facebook we can be reached at https://www.facebook.com/MoralVisionTV wherein we have 6,000+ facebook likes and on youtube we have 63,500+ subscribers so far and its views crossing a whopping 25 million with a daily average views of 90,000+. One can watch Moral Vision short films at https://www.youtube.com/user/MoralVision.

Please note that the above figures are from our official data whereas the fact is that views are far more in numbers than this information as in many online platform individuals uploads our videos without our knowledge. Also many a people out of ignorance or ill intention use our videos on their websites when in fact they should be rather supporting us in this noble task by routing the videos through us officially. There are people who even have overwritten our logo and uploading videos in their names. Some people in order to earn money have been using our videos disregarding ethics and moralities where they also puts offensive material and ads. Viewers who are misguided to sites that are not our official sites are prone to seeing offensive ads and other unethical videos thus defeating our noble purpose at the same time eating our revenues. Thus we are now forced to use our copy right and take action against such people who cheat and exploit our hard work.

License Materials Created By Moral Vision

Personal, non-commercial use only.Moral Vision allows only personal viewing, non-commercial use of the content. You may not reproduce, distribute, modify, display, perform, publish, license, create derivative of the materials produced by Moral Vision .

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